A Novel Hybrid Technique of Frequency Control for Distributed Energy Resources

  • Hasham Khan Government College of Technology, Abbotabad, Pakistan.


The rapid increase in the population and fastest development in the industrial sector has increased the energy demand throughout the world. Frequent outages and load shedding has seriously deteriorated the efficiency of the electrical power distribution system. Under such circumstances, the implementation of Distributed Generation (DG) is increasing. Small hydel generators are considered as the most-clean and economical for generating electrical energy. These are very complex nonlinear generators which usually exhibits low frequency electromechanical oscillations due to insufficient damping caused by severe operating conditions. These DGs are not connected to the utility in many cases because, under varying load, they cannot maintain the frequency to the permissible value. This work presents detailed analysis of operating characteristics and proposes a hybrid frequency control strategy of the small hydel systems. The simulation and testing is performed in MATLAB, the results verified the improved performance with the recommended method. The proposed method conserves half of the power consumption. The control scheme regulates the dump load by connecting and disconnecting it affectively. The application of presented methodology is convenient in the deregulated environment, especially under the severe shortage of energy. The proposed model keeps the frequency of system at desired level. It reduces the noise, thereby improving the response time of the designed controller as compared to conventional controllers. The innovative scheme also provides power for small scale industrial, agricultural and other domestic application of far-off areas where the supply of utility main grid is difficult to provide. The recommended scheme is environmental friendly and easy to implement wherever small hydel resources are available.

Jan 1, 2021
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