Before Submission:

  • Before Submission of an article, authors should carefully read the Publication Ethics, Open Access policy and Plagiarism Policy of the Journal.
  • Authors should ensure that the work has not been published previously and it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  • Publication must be approved by all authors of the paper and send us signed copyright form. MURJET Copyright Form
  • Authors should carefully list and order their names on the first page of the article. Any author's name will not be added or deleted after submission.
  • An article should be written in good English.
  • Submissions can be entertained in journal's template. MURJET Article Template


  • Authors may submit an article through our online submission system in editable word file format. For using portal, author will be required to Sign up. On successful registration, author can upload the article.
  • Authors should note that all submitted articles are refereed through a double blind peer review process which means that author's identities remain unknown to reviewers and vice versa throughout the reviewing process.
  • Articles should be formatted in single or double spacing, preferably in Times New Roman size 12 font. Accepted articles will be correctly formatted by our publication team.
  • The first page should contain the full title of the article and full names and affiliations of all authors including email address of the corresponding author.
  • The format of the manuscript is Abstract of up to 250 words, up to 06 keywords, introduction then main body of the paper ending with conclusion followed by acknowledgement and list of references.
  • References should be cited in the text by number within square brackets. At the end of the paper, they should be listed in the order in which they appear in the text. The Journal follows IEEE referencing style.

Manuscript Non-Refundable Processing Fee Structure

The processing Fee (Non-Refundable) of Rs 10,000/- is uniform for all local authors. After paper submission and suitability check, you will be asked to submit fee through Bank Draft/Online at Account No. 00720165821803 of Habib Bank Limited, Sindh University Branch, in favor of the Publication Office, Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro.

After Acceptance:

  • Authors will be notified about the acceptance / rejection of the paper through email.
  • Upon acceptance of an article, authors will sign copy right and Authorship form.
  • Accepted manuscript will be sent to the corresponding author for proof reading. No editing or proofreading will be allowed after publication of an article.

Authorship Criteria

Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (MURJET) is a scholarly publication that aims to disseminate original research in the field of engineering and technology. To ensure the quality and integrity of the published work, MURJET follows certain authorship criteria that must be met by all authors who wish to submit their work for publication. The authorship criteria for MURJET are as follows:

  1. Substantial contributions: All authors must have made substantial contributions to the conception or design of the work, or the acquisition, analysis, or interpretation of data, and/or drafting the manuscript or revising it critically for important intellectual content. Each author must have played a significant role in the research process and must be able to take public responsibility for the content of the paper.
  2. Agreement on the final version: All authors must agree to the final version of the manuscript and be able to take responsibility for its accuracy and completeness. This agreement includes that no authorship will be added once the copyright form is signed/submitted.
  3. Acknowledgements: All individuals who contributed to the work but do not meet the authorship criteria should be acknowledged in the manuscript.
  4. Ethical considerations: Authors must ensure that their work is original and has not been published elsewhere, and that it adheres to ethical standards of research. Any conflicts of interest or funding sources must be disclosed.