Accepted Articles

Performance Evaluation of Mortarless Brick Masonry

Development of Titanium Based Alloys for Biomedical Applications

Statistical Analysis of Crowd Behaviour in Catastrophic Situation

A Regression-based Rating Prediction Model for Mobile-based Puzzle Games

Spectroscopic Properties of Lithium like ions: Prospective Elements for Quantum Computation

Numerical Study on a Heat Transfer Model in the Solid- Carbon/Liquid-Copper System

Performing Content Based Image Retrieval Using Rotated Local Binary Pattern and Multiple Descriptors

Integrated Representation for Discrete Fourier and Wavelet Transforms using Vector Notation

Comparative analysis of different Operating systems for Raspberry Pi in term of scheduling, memory management and synchronization

Guaranteed Consensus Performance in Second Order Networked Multiagent Systems with Induced Delay

Morphological And Petrophysical Evaluation Of Tight Gas Resources And Energy Production In Pakistan

Effect of temperature on the polymorphs of titania (TiO2) developed by sol-gel and hydrothermal processes for thin film uses

High Strength Concrte Using Ggbs With Alccofine And Ggbs With Silica Fume

Numerical analysis for Mechanical behavior of beams made by Composite and Functionally Graded Materials

Development of Cost-Effective Solar Water Desalination Unit for the Arid Regions of Rural Areas of Sindh

Web Services Composition in UML: An Empirical Study

Analyzing and Reviewing Cumulative Cost Functions of Simple Protocol in Wireless Body Area Network

Comparison of Solving Some Probabilistic Optimal Power Flow Methods in the Presence of Wind and Solar Sources

Impacts of Pavement Performance Indicators on Traffic Oriented Parameters and Road Safety

Preparation of a nano-clay-based super absorbent polymer composite for water absorption applications

Low Cost Intelligent Computer Vision based Assistive Technology for Elderly People

Statistical model and forecasting of bandwidth requirements on aggregating nodes of FTTX network using Monte Carlo computations for different demographic segments

An Analysis into the Alternative Strategies of Substantial Energy Saving for the Facilities of University of Jeddah, Kholise Branch