A Robust Color Image Watermarking Scheme using Chaos for Copyright Protection

  • Muhammad  Asif Khan Department of Computer Engineering, University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila , Pakistan
  •  Umar Ajaib Khan Department of Computer Engineering, University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila , Pakistan
  • Asim Ali COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Wah Cantt, Pakistan
  • Fawad Hussain Department of Computer Engineering, University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila , Pakistan
  • Wasif  Nisar Department of Computer Engineering, University of Engineering and Technology , Taxila , Pakistan


An exponential growth in multimedia applications has led to fast adoption of digital watermarking phenomena to protect the copyright information and authentication of digital contents. A novel spatial domain symmetric color image robust watermarking scheme based on chaos is presented in this research. The watermark is generated using chaotic logistic map and optimized to improve inherent properties and to achieve robustness. The embedding is performed at 3 LSBs (Least Significant Bits) of all the threecolor components of the host image. The sensitivity of the chaotic watermark along with redundant embedding approach makes the entire watermarking scheme highly robust, secure and imperceptible. In this paper, various image quality analysis metrics such as homogeneity, contrast, entropy, PSNR (Peak Signal to Noise Ratio), UIQI (Universal Image Quality Index) and SSIM (Structural Similarity Index Measures) are measures to analyze proposed scheme. The proposed technique shows superior results against UIQI. Further, the watermark image with proposed scheme is tested against various image-processing attacks. The robustness of watermarked image against attacks such as cropping, filtering, adding random noises and JPEG compression, rotation, blurring, darken etc. is analyzed. The Proposed scheme shows strong results that are justified in this paper. The proposed scheme is symmetric; therefore, reversible process at extraction entails successful extraction of embedded watermark.

Apr 1, 2019
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