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Optical Yarn Assessment System for Twist Measurement in Rotor-Spun Yarn

Keywords: Rotor Spinning, Twist Testing, Optical Yarn Assessment System, Tracer Fibres, Twist Structure

Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology

Volume 34 ,  Issue 1



This paper presents the development of an optical yarn assessment system for evaluation of twist and structure of twisted yarn. The system comprises a yarn carriage unit, a video microscope and a personal computer. This system was used in conjunction with the well-known tracer fibre technique. This system enables digital images to be grabbed and continuous movies of the yarn to be recorded in order to facilitate the measurement of twist and the analysis of yarn structure. Yarn samples from polyester, viscose and cotton with 35tex and 485 turns/meter were spun from the roving with 2.3% of black fibres on the SKF laboratory ring frame. In order to measure the twist in the rotor yarns with the optical yarn assessment system, a set of yarn samples from same fibres were spun on RU 14 rotor machine with 35 tex and 475 turns/meter. The twist was measured with the optical yarn assessment system and sixty tests of each sample were carried out on the Zweigle D301. It is clear from the results that there is consistency in the twist of ring-spun yarn measured by the optical yarn assessment system. However, the measured twist with the Zwiegle D301 is inconsistent in the different yarns. The difference in the mean twist measured with the optical twist measuring system and the double untwist-twist method was not significant at a 5% probability level when data was analyzed with t test by using SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences).