Comparison of Effects of Entropy Coding Schemes Cascaded with Set Partitioning in Hierarchical Trees

  • Ali Iqbal Military College of Signals, National University of Science and Technology, Rawalpindi.
  • Imran Touqir Military College of Signals, National University of Science and Technology, Rawalpindi.
  • Asim Ashfaque Military College of Signals, National University of Science and Technology, Rawalpindi
  • Natasha Khan Military College of Signals, National University of Science and Technology, Rawalpindi.
  • Fahim Ashraf Institute of Electrical, Electronic Engineers, Pakistan


WT (Wavelet Transform) is considered as landmark for image compression because it represents a signal in terms of functions which are localized both in frequency and time domain. Wavelet sub-band coding exploits the self-similarity of pixels in images and arranges resulting coefficients in different sub-bands. A much simpler and fully embedded codec algorithm SPIHT (Set Partitioning in Hierarchical Trees) is widely used for the compression of wavelet transformed images. It encodes the transformed coefficients depending upon their significance comparative to the given threshold. Statistical analysis reveals that the output bit-stream of SPIHT comprises of long trail of zeroes that can be further compressed, therefore SPIHT is not advocated to be used as sole mean of compression. In this paper, wavelet transformed images have been initially compressed by using SPIHT technique and to attain more compression, the output bit streams of SPIHT are then fed to entropy encoders; Huffman and Arithmetic encoders, for further de-correlation. The comparison of two concatenations has been carried out by evaluating few factors like Bit Saving Capability, PSNR (Peak Signal to Noise Ratio), Compression Ratio and Elapsed Time. The experimental results of these cascading demonstrate that SPIHT combined with Arithmetic coding yields better compression ratio as compared to SPIHT cascaded with Huffman coding. Whereas, SPIHT once combined with Huffman coding is proved to be comparatively efficient.

Oct 1, 2018
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