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Liberation of Oolitic Hematite Grains From Iron Ore,Dilband Mines Pakistan

Keywords: Oolitic Hematite, Dilband Iron Ore, Work Index, Mesh of Liberation, Gravity Separation.

Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology

Volume 30 ,  Issue 2

Muhammad Ishaque Abro,Abdul Ghani Pathan,Abdul Hakeem Mallah


Dilband Mine is one of the main iron ore deposits of Balochistan Pakistan, containing about 200milion tones of ore. The Dilband iron ore is mainly composed of oolitic-hematite along with the quartz, calcite, fluorapatite, kaolin, and chlinochlore gangue minerals. The basic objective of the paper is to report the operating conditions of comminuting step where maximum liberation of oolitic hematite from the matrix enriched with calcite and fluorapatite minerals has been possible. Besides this quantitative and qualitative analysis of particles based on concentrate, middlings, and tailings susceptibility of particles is proposed. Comminution circuit for Dilband iron ore is designed on the basis of work index, grade and percent distribution of oolitic-hematite particles in concentrate, middlings and tailings.