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Development of Conceptual Framework for Design Improvement in Urban Housing of Karachi, Pakistan

Keywords: Building Maintenance, Design Deficiency and Construction Faults.

Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology

Volume 30 ,  Issue 2

Afaq  Hyder  Chohan,Zubair  Ahmed  Memon,Abdul  Waheed  Memon


Need of housing and need of quality housing are two issues which remained the subject of research and interest to researchers and designers. It is generally observed that not all designers are fully aware of consequences of their design and only through post occupational survey; the designer usually realizes that what mistakes or bad decisions they have made during design process. Unfortunately, such unforeseen conditions are common in residential building projects in developing regions. This research has identified the causes of design deficiencies and their effects on residential building at the post occupational stage in Karachi Pakistan. In this context housing designs and conditions have been closely monitored and issues of deficient design have been identified. Furthermore, this research has circumscribed the implication of deficient design faced by users of private housing in Karachi. The study has established the criteria that these problems affect users through unplanned maintenance to major repairs, leading to danger of collapse. In order to evaluate these effects on buildings, a case study of private housing projects was conducted in Karachi, a metropolitan city of Pakistan. The collected research data was analysed through SPSS computational software and interpreted to understand the far reaching effects and implications of design deficiencies in the selected site of housing stocks. Based on literature review and findings of research, the study has eventually proposed a conceptual framework for improving design practice.