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Impact Assessment of Punjab Irrigation Sector Reforms Interventions

Keywords: Irrigation; Reforms; Punjab; Equity; Reliability; Yield; Delivery Performance Ratio

Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology

Volume 30 ,  Issue 2

Aftab  H.  H. Azhar ,Ghulam  Nabi,  


The impact of physical and management interventions implemented under the PISRP (Punjab Irrigation Sector Reforms Programm) has been assessed. Enhanced funding for M&R (Maintenance and Repair) works during intervention (2006-2007) period facilitated improved canal water supplies as compared to the pre-intervention (2004- 2005) period. About 15.1% more water supplies were delivered during Kharif 2006 as compared to Kharif 2004 season. An increase of 41.1% in water supplies during Rabi 2006-2007 was observed as compared to Rabi 2004-2005 season. DPR (Delivery Performance Ratio) analysis revealed that during intervention period overall supply position of canal systems in terms of equity by and large was satisfactory. However, the CV (Spatial Coefficient of Variability) analysis indicated that distribution of supply amongst the distributaries of those canal systems was not satisfactory, highlighting the need for further improvement in terms of water supply reliability along the reach of those canal systems. Crop yields improved ranging from 5-62% as compared to preintervention period. The cropped area also increased by about 10% in all canal commands during intervention period. FOs (Farmer Organizations) performance evaluation indicates that these organizations have been reasonably effective for dispute resolution, control over water theft and in ensuring water availability to the tail ends of the channels, and developing sense of ownership for long-term sustainability of irrigation infrastructure. However, FOs need further capacity building to enhance their contribution in this regard. Due to transitioning of T/Ws (Tube Wells), the M&R expenditures for T/Ws were reduced to only 4% during FY 2006-2007 as compared to 37% in FY 2005-2006. T/Ws divesture achieved significant reduction in the electricity bills of IPD (Irrigation & Power Department). Consequently, during November-June months of FY 2007-2008, a savings of Rs. 377.61 million was accrued, compared to the same months of FY 2006-2007. Overall, the investigations revealed that the results of reforms interventions are quite encouraging in terms of uplifting the socio-economic conditions and poverty alleviation in irrigated areas of Punjab province.