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Impact of Environmental Changes and Global Warming on Temperature in Pakistan

Keywords: EdGCM, Downscaling, Eagle-Point, Surface Modeling, Isohyets, GHG

Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology

Volume 30 ,  Issue 1

Ishtiaq   Hassan,Abdul  Razzaq  Ghumman,Hashim  Nisar  Hashmi


Environmental changes and global warming have direct impact on human life. Estimation of these changes in various parameters of hydrologic cycle is necessary for future planning and development of a country. In this paper the impact of environmental changes and global warming on temperatures of Pakistan has been studied. The temperature changes in Pakistan have been extracted from simulations made using EdGCM model developed at Columbia University. Simulation study to the end of 21st century is executed using the model for GHG (Greenhouse Gases) scenario with doubled_CO2 and scenario of Modern_Predicted SST (Sea Surface Temperature). The model analysis has been carried out for seasonal and annual changes for an average of last 5 years period from 2096-2100. Maps are generated to depict global temperature variations. The study divides Pakistan into five (05) main areas for twenty six (26) stations. A part-plan of globe focusing Pakistan is generated showing the five divisions for twenty six (26) data stations of Pakistan. This part plan is made compatible with grid-box resolution of EdGCM. Eagle-Point Engineering software has been used to generate isohyets of interval (0.5oC) for downscaling GCM (Global Climate Model) grid data to data stations. The station values of different seasons and annual changes are then compared with the values of base period data to determine changes in temperature. It is observed that impact of global environmental changes on temperature are higher (i.e. there is an increase in annual temperature for double_CO2 experiment) at places near the Arabian Sea than areas located away from this sea. It is also observed that the temperature increase will be more in winter than that in other seasons for Pakistan.