Article Information
Blind's Eye: Employing Google Directions API for Outdoor Navigation of Visually Impaired Pedestrians

Keywords: Navigation, Visually Impaired, Braille, Android, Google Directions Application Program,Interface, Arduino.

Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology

Volume 36 ,  Issue 3



Vision plays a paramount role in our everyday life and assists human in almost every walk of life. The people lacking vision sense require assistance to move freely. The inability of unassisted navigation and orientation in outdoor environments is one of the most important constraints for people with visual impairment. Motivated by this problem, we developed a simplified and user friendly navigation system that allows visually impaired pedestrians to reach their desired outdoor location. We designed a Braille keyboard to allow the blind user to input their destination. The proposed system makes use of Google Directions API (Application Program Interface) to generate the right path to a destination. The visually impaired pedestrians have to wear a vibration belt to keep them on the track. The evaluation exposes shortcomings of Google Directions API when used for navigating the visually impaired pedestrians in an outdoor environment.