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Renewable Energy Technologies Diffusion in Sindh: An Overview


Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology

Volume 36 ,  Issue 3



The abundant resources of Sindh province for RE (Renewable Energy) such as wind, solar, etc. can be tapped through RETs (Renewable Energy Technologies) to fulfil energy needs. But RETs are still not able to make major breakthrough in individual?s life to enhance it. Even though individuals began to use solar panels to conquer power deficiencies, more endeavours are required to diffuse RETs in Sindh. This research paper explores the present situation for the dissemination of RETs in masses. A survey is conducted to achieve the said task. It measures the opinion difference of respondents regarding awareness creation towards RETs, needs for funding, provision of incentives and role of community engagement required for promotion of RETs in Sindh. The opinion difference was measuredregarding stakeholders? individual perception and chances of occurring the same (societal perception). The outcome of the survey identifies an entirely opposite opinion of stakeholders regarding their individual and social perceptions. Thus, predicting the real situation for RETs diffusion in Sindh. It indicates that despite much enthusiasm for RETs, lesser possibilities are accessible for their fruitful dispersion in Sindh in current conditions. Lack of awareness regarding RETs, few funding opportunities and absence of incentives from government resulted in the low engagement of communities to utilise RETs. Hence, due to hurdles identified, RETs face hindrances in their popularisation, which can be addressed through appropriate policy decisions.