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Design and Performance of Broadband Dual Layer Circular Polarizer Based on Frequency Selective Surface for X-Band Applications

Keywords: Circular Polarizer, Dual-Layer Frequency Selective Surface, Fabry Perot Interferometer, Fractional Bandwidth, Quarter Wave Plate

Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology

Volume 36 ,  Issue 3



A dual-layer circular polarizer based on FSS (Frequency Selective Surface) composed of two periodic strips in xoy plane. The transmission characteristic of present structure is comprehensively investigated that convert linearly polarized wave into circular polarized wave at operated frequencies. The designed structure has optimal performance for x-band applications. In addition, the designed model of single and dual-layer circular polarizer feature exceptionally strong circular polarization with low loss transmission and attracted for radar and satellite applications. The designed structures of circular polarizers are simple and can be easy fabricated as well. The transmitted waves are achieved with RHCP (Right Handed Circular Polarization) wave at 9.34 GHz and LHCP (Left Handed Circular Polarization) wave at 10.73 GHZ. The corresponding axial ratio bandwidth is enhanced from 9.1610.85GHz = 16.89%, respectively. Meanwhile, the proposed dual-layer circular polarizer achieves transmission with RHCP wave at 9.59 GHz and axial ratio bandwidth is achieved from9.3-11.31GHz = 19.49%, respectively.