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Impact of Auxiliary Equipments’ Consumption on Electricity Generation Cost in Selected Power Plants of Pakistan

Keywords: Sources of Electricity, Thermal Power Plants, Auxiliary Consumption, Unit Cost

Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology

Volume 36 ,  Issue 2



This study focuses on higher generation cost of electricity in selected TPPs (Thermal Power Plants) in Sindh, Pakistan. It also investigates the energy consumed by the auxiliary equipment of the selected TPPs in Sindh, Pakistan. The AC (Auxiliary Consumption) of selected TPPs is compared with that in UK and other developed countries. Results show that the AC in selected TPPs in Sindh, Pakistan exceeds the average AC of the TPPs situated in developed countries. Many energy conservation measures such as impeller trimming and de-staging, boiler feed pump, high voltage inverter, variable frequency drive, and upgrading the existing cooling tower fan blades with fiber reinforced plastic are discussed to overcome higher AC. This study shows that harnessing various available energy conservative measures the AC and unit cost can be reduced by 4.13 and 8.8%; also adverse environmental impacts can be mitigated. Results show that the unit cost of electricity can be reduced from Rs.20 to19/kWh in JTPP (Jamshoro Thermal Power Plant), Rs.9 to 8.8/kWh in GTPS (Gas Turbine Power Station) Kotri and Rs. 11 to 10.27/ kWh in LPS (Lakhara Power Station). Thus, electricity production can be improved with the existing capacity, which will eventually assist to manage the current energy crisis and ensure its conservation