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An Energy Policy Analysis and Proposed Remedial Actions to Reduce Energy Crises in Pakistan

Keywords: Microgrid, Rural Areas, Utility, Solar Photovoltaic, Policy.

Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology

Volume 36 ,  Issue 2



Pakistan energy demand has grown exponentially over the last 2 decades. Reason behind increasing energy demand is excessive mobility of rural population to cities, rapid progression in industrial and transport sector, lack of policy making and implementation on the developed policies and improvements in living style. At present, Pakistan witness 5000-7000 MW power deficit in summer. To reduce the demand and supply gap, power plants across Pakistan are planned to be installed while some are under development phase. Power expansion plans cannot cope with the current energy shortfall since several years are required for them to get fully operational. Effective energy policy is the only key to address the existing shortfall. This paper discusses the initiatives that may be taken to reduce the power shortfall using energy efficiency and conservation, deployment of microgrids, utilization of renewable energy resources and effective research and development in energy sector. Since another most important issue evaluated in the research regarding the energy crises is energy efficiency and lack of compliance to government regulations for energy efficiency and conservation. Implementation on the policies developed for energy efficiencies and conservation has not been witnessed. Possible solutions on short term basis to lessen the energy crises have also been discussed in the paper