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On the Energetics of a Damped Beam-Like Equation for Different Boundary Conditions

Keywords: Energy Estimate, Conveyor Belt System, Beam-Like, Axially Translating, Viscous Damping

Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology

Volume 36 ,  Issue 2



In this paper, the energy estimates for a damped linear homogeneous beam-like equation will be considered. The energy estimates will be studied for different BCs (Boundary Conditions) for the axially moving continuum. The problem has physical and engineering application. The applications are mostly occurring in models of conveyor belts and band-saw blades. The research study is focused on the Dirichlet, the Neumann and the Robin type of BCs. From physical point of view, the considered mathematical model expounds the transversal vibrations of a moving belt system or moving band-saw blade. It is assumed that a viscous damping parameter and the horizontal velocity are positive and constant. It will be shown in this paper that change in geometry or the physics of the boundaries can affect the stability properties of the system in general and stability depends on the axial direction of the motion. In all cases of the BCs, it will be shown that there is energy decay due to viscous damping parameter and it will also be shown that in some cases there is no conclusion whether the beam energy decreases or increases. The detailed physical interpretation of all terms and expressions is provided and studied in detail.