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Use of Nonlinear Frequency Modulated Signals for the Enhancement of Subharmonic Response from Contrast Microbubbles

Keywords: Nonlinear Chirp, Frequency Modulation, Contrast Agent, Microbubbles, Subharmonic Component, Ultrasound

Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology

Volume 36 ,  Issue 1



Ultrasound imaging with the subharmonic component from contrast microbubbles provide improved CTR (Contrast-to-Tissue Ratio), however it is susceptible to the low amplitude of the subharmonic component. In this simulation study, NLFM (Nonlinear Frequency Modulated) signals are proposed in order to enhance the subharmonic response from microbubbles. NLFM signals having fractional bandwidths of 10, 20, and 40% with up and down sweeps were used as excitation. The performance of NLFM signals were compared with the reference tone-burst and LFM (Linear Frequency Modulated) signals. The results show that the ultrasound contrast microbubbles can produce subharmonic response which is dependent on the applied signal pressure and bandwidth. It is observed that the subharmonic component of the scattered NLFM signal is 3.2dB higher than the LFM signal, whereas it is 9dB higher compared to the sinusoidal tone-burst signal. The results are also presented which show that the up and down sweeps NLFM signals performed better than the LFM signals at the same acoustic pressure and bandwidth.