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Volt/VAr Optimization of Distribution System with Integrated Distributed Generation

Keywords: Volt/VAr Optimization, Distributed Generation, Shunt Capacitor, On Load Tap Changer, Genetic Algorithm, Distribution Management System

Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology

Volume 36 ,  Issue 1



This paper addresses the issues of VVO (Volt/VAr Optimization) such as loss minimization, acceptable voltage profiles and optimized number of switching operations. Basic function of the DMS (Distribution Management System) is to upgrade system intelligence so that it can make dynamic decisions and control the network in realtime. Distributed generators can cause the system to operate above and below the desired limits due to their variable nature. Therefore, devices like SC (Shunt Capacitors) and OLTC (On Load Tap Changers) are used in distribution system as control devices. Main focus of this paper is to inspect effects of DG (Distributed Generation) on switching states of control devices while considering Volt/VAr standards. An optimization search algorithm is employed to search the optimal solution considering the system constraints. The GA (Genetic Algorithm) is used for the optimization process of the system and the simulation is done in MATLAB using IEEE-30 bus system with DG under 24 hour changing load profiles. By setting up constraints of distribution system?s voltage limits, capacitor bank and OLTC, losses are minimized up to 50%. Merits of the proposed optimized method are demonstrated through simulation results .The result achieved from the proposed technique has proven to be beneficial for switching optimization of control devices under variant conditions of loads and distributed generation