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Scalable and Flexible SLA Management Approach for Cloud

Keywords: Service Level Agreement, Service Level Agreement Analyzer, System Observer and Virtual Machine Manager, Cloud Platform, Elastic and Scalable,

Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology

Volume 36 ,  Issue 1



Cloud Computing is a cutting edge technology in market now a days. In Cloud Computing environment the customer should pay bills to use computing resources. Resource allocation is a primary task in a cloud environment. Significance of resources allocation and availability increase many fold because income of the cloud depends on how efficiently it provides the rented services to the clients. SLA (Service Level Agreement) is signed between the cloud Services Provider and the Cloud Services Consumer to maintain stipulated QoS (Quality of Service). It is noted that SLAs are violated due to several reasons. These may include system malfunctions and change in workload conditions. Elastic and adaptive approaches are required to prevent SLA violations. We propose an application level monitoring novel scheme to prevent SLA violations. It is based on elastic and scalable characteristics. It is easy to deploy and use. It focuses on application level monitoring.