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Peculiarities of Printing on Paper with Addition of Licorice Cellulose

Keywords: Quality of Printing, Paper, Cellulose, Optical Density, Ink Trapping.

Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology

Volume 36 ,  Issue 1



This study examines the possibility of using paper based on lint cellulose with addition of licorice cellulose for printing. The physical, mechanical and printing characteristics of paper, were studied towards this end. The addition of licorice cellulose components into the lint cellulose composition changed the surface nature and paper structure, which are defining phenomena of humidification, adsorption, adhesion, ink penetration and swelling. A reduction of paper sponginess by 15% increases the resolution capability - smoothness. This stimulates the provision of image high legibility. According to the research of the results of paper whiteness and opacity which define paper printing properties, it is possible to conclude that the research paper is fit for printing of single-color outputs. The use of licorice cellulose in cellulose-paper industry will solve the problem concerning not only raw materials but the ecology at the same time due to utilization of licorice root waste and use of hydrogen peroxide instead of carcinogenic sodium hypochlorite.