Article Information
A Digital Diary: Remembering the Past Using the Present Context

Keywords: Lifelogging, Human proximity, Location, Retrieval

Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology

Volume 35 ,  Issue 2



Lifelog devices have gained much attention in recent past. These devices are capable of recording daily activities of a user such as visited places, calories burnt, heart rate, etc. However, reminiscing the past life from this huge collection has been less of a concern. We aim to assist in remembering similar past events based on the present context or situation. We designed a prototype lifelog device that captures lifelogs in the form of pictures and audio, and associates them with the device wearer?s context such as people and objects in the vicinity. The information from the past life may be used to helpusers in their current situation. In this article, we attempt to determine the type of context that is preferred by the device users to remember their past events. We found that the users are more interested to find lifelogs based on the people they meet at specific locations