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Energy and Exergy Analysis of 210 MW Jamshoro Thermal Power Plant

Keywords: Energy, Exergy, Efficiency, Steam Power Plant, Parametric Study

Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology

Volume 35 ,  Issue 2



In this paper, thermodynamic analysis of 210 MW dual-fire, subcritical, reheat steam power plant, situated near Jamshoro, Pakistan has been performed. Firstly, the plant is modeled by EES (Engineering Equation Solver) software. Moreover; a parametric study is performed to assess the impacts of various operating parameters on the performance. The net power output, energy efficiency and exergy efficiency are considered as performance parameters of the plant whereas, condenser pressure, main steam pressure and main steam temperature are nominated as operating parameters. According to the results, the net power output, energy efficiency and exergy efficiency are determined as 186.5 MW, 31.37% and 30.41% respectively, under design operating conditions. The condenser contributed a major share in the total energy loss i.e. 280 MW (68.7%) followed by boiler with 89 MW (21.8%). The major exergy destructing area is found in the boiler with 350 MW (82.11%) of the total exergy destruction followed by turbine with 43.1 MW (10.12%) and condenser 12 MW (5.74 %). According to the parametric study, variation in operating parameters had great influence on the plant performance