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Design Analysis of Power Extracting Unit of an Onshore OWC Based Wave Energy Power Plant using Numerical Simulation

Keywords: OWC, Power Plant, Wave Energy, Ocean Energy.

Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology

Volume 30 ,  Issue 3

Zahid   Suleman,Hammad Bin  Khaleeq


This research paper describes design and analysis of power extracting unit of an onshore OWC (Oscillating Water Column) based wave energy power plant of capacity about 100 kilowatts. The OWC is modeled as solid piston of a reciprocating pump. The power extracting unit is designed analytically by using the theory of reciprocating pumps and principles of fluid mechanics. Pro-E and ANSYS workbench softwares are used to verify the analytical design. The analytical results of the flow velocity in the turbine duct are compared with the simulation results. The results are found to be in good agreement with each other. The results achieved by this research would finally assist in the overall design of the power plant which is the ultimate goal of this research work.