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Mutual Influence based Ranking of Authors

Keywords: Academic Social networks, Ranking of Authors, Author Impact, Mutual Influence, PageRank

Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology

Volume 29 ,  Issue 4



Ranking of authors is a challenging task with continuing growth in the size of computationally analysable data and dynamic nature of scholarly networks. This study ranks the authors not only on the basis of their own work but, also measures the impact of mutual influence of authors when they work in collaboration. The work of an author is influenced by the work of his or her co-authors, more in the case if co-authors are senior and less otherwise. This study proposes MuInf Rank (Mutual Influence based Ranking algorithm), which is calculated via a series of experiments. First, we calculate Mutual Influence with respect to number of papers, second, the number of citations and third, we calculate the combined effect of papers and citations with respect to the mutual influence of authors. It is shown empirically that the proposed methods produce satisfying results