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Comparative Analysis of Low Amplitude Multi-Component Time -Varying Signal

Keywords: Time Frequency Representation, Linear Time Frequency Representation, Quadratic Time Frequency Representation, Gabor Wigner Transform, Wigner Distribution

Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology

Volume 29 ,  Issue 4



Non stationary signals deals with linear and quadratic time frequency representation. For multicomponent signal, quadratic time frequency representation gives high readability and ideal energy concentration in t-f plan but they suffer from cross-terms due to its quadratic nature. Similarly, a linear time frequency representation gives free cross-terms but offers low readability in t-f plane. Based on these facts it is necessary to combine linear and quadratic time frequency representation which gives high readability and free cross-terms in t-f plane. A combination of linear and quadratic t-f representation is used for the analysis of low amplitude multi-component signal in t-f plane. This paper presents a comparison of some most widely used t-f representation based on performance measure. As a result of thorough comparisons, the reason behind combining linear and quadratic t-f representation to obtained a new t-f representation, which reduce cross-terms and offers high readability in t-f plane