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Framework for 3D Localization for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks

Keywords: Underwater Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks, Localization Algorithm, Global Positioning System, Anchor Nodes, Under Water Ordinary Nodes

Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology

Volume 29 ,  Issue 4



Oceans are spanned around three fourth of the earth surface, but underwater explorations are still very limited. Recent wireless communication techniques are significant and of high interest to support exploration in numerous ways. UWSNs (Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks) opened multiple avenues for a wide range of civilian and precision applications including naval surveillance, oceanography, water pollution tracking, and tsunami forewarnings. As oceans are rich in terms of valuable resources, therefore, many studies are being undertaken for exploration purposes. These marine applications and investigations could be accomplished by means of UWSNs which may involve low cost and compact underwater sensor nodes with capability of communicating with each other. The estimation process which is used to determine the accurate location of each and every node in the network is called Localization. The localization of the each node is essential otherwise information communicated by the network is meaningless. This research work involved development of a framework with thorough study of current state of the art localization schemes. The main contribution of proposed algorithm is focused on improving the distributed localization by significantly reducing average localization compared with previous existing schemes. The proposed decentralized approach may also be resulted in energy efficiency which is desired for the optimal utilization of the battery power