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A Beam-Steerable Micro Strip Reflectarray Antenna using Variable Length Slot Technique

Keywords: Reflectarrays, Beam Steering, Microstrip Antennas, Variable Slot Technique, Reconfigurable

Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology

Volume 29 ,  Issue 4



An X-band linearly polarized micro strip reflect array antenna with beam steerable angle up to 16 has been designed, fabricated and measured. The unit cell consists of a micro strip patch on the top layer and variable length slot in the ground plane. The designed unit cell of dimensions 15mm 15mm provides a reflection-phase-range up to 204. The array is two dimensional consisting of 64 elements, each element have a different reflection phase. A reflect array prototype has been measured in a far-field anechoic chamber facility at NUST, giving a gain of 14dB i with linear polarization at operating frequency of 10GHz