Article Information
Analysis of Interpolation Techniques for Optimal Design of SWL Algorithms

Keywords: Short Word Length, Single Bit, Interpolation, Finite-Impulse Response, Infinite-Impulse Response, Sigma-Delta Modulation

Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology

Volume 29 ,  Issue 4



Recently, short word-length (often single-bit) algorithms has been reported very promising technique compared to its counterpart multi-bit DSP algorithms reason being these algorithms reduces multiplier complexity that enhances overall performance in hardware sense. In this work, we have focused upon the enhancement of performance of short word length algorithm by comparing different interpolation techniques in term of stop band attenuation at different oversampling ratios. It is because the key of SWL algorithms is sigma-delta modulation that operates at higher OSR (Over Sampling Ratio). Design and simulation of SWL algorithm was done in MATLAB with FFT, spline, nearest neighbor, Lagrange, and PWC Hermite interpolation techniques at varying OSR. It is found that that Spline and FFT interpolation methods are the optimum interpolation techniques that offers the best possible stop-band attenuation in single-bit ternary applications