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Hardware Realization and PID Control of Multi-Degree of Freedom Articulated Robotic Arm

Keywords: Robot Control, Proportional-Integral-Derivative, Serial Robotic Arm

Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology

Volume 29 ,  Issue 4



A robotic manipulator is the most important component in an industrial environment for autonomous execution of tasks. Given the repoted fact that a PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) will continue to be the main workhorse in the automation sector, the present paper deals with designing and realizing this control law. A custom-developed pseudo-industrial platform AUTAREP (AUTonomous Articulated Robotic Educational Platform) centered on a 6-DOF (Six Degree of Freedom) manipulator is considered. The derived kinematic and dynamic models of the arm form the basis of MATLAB-based control simulation. The control law after discretization is also implemented on embedded hardware. When subject to various inputs, result of trajectory tracking in the form of output responses, demonstrate superior performance in transient as well as steady state. The stability and convergent behavior of the outputs is also observed, thus highlighting efficacy of proposed approach