Article Information
Image Quality Assessment for Performance Evaluation of Focus Measure Operators

Keywords: Image Quality Evaluation, Focus Measure Operators, Shape From Focus, Image Processing

Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology

Volume 34 ,  Issue 4

Farida  Memon,Mukhtiar Ali  Unar,Sheeraz   Memon


This paper presents the performance evaluation of eight focus measure operators namely Image CURV (Curvature), GRAE (Gradient Energy), HISE (Histogram Entropy), LAPM (Modified Laplacian), LAPV (Variance of Laplacian), LAPD (Diagonal Laplacian), LAP3 (Laplacian in 3D Window) and WAVS (Sum of Wavelet Coefficients). Statistical matrics such as MSE (Mean Squared Error), PNSR (Peak Signal to Noise Ratio), SC (Structural Content), NCC (Normalized Cross Correlation), MD (Maximum Difference) and NAE (Normalized Absolute Error) are used to evaluate stated focus measures in this research. . FR (Full Reference) method of the image quality assessment is utilized in this paper. Results indicate that LAPD method is comparatively better than other seven focus operators at typical imaging conditions