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Meta-Heuristic Cuckoo Search Algorithm for the Correction of Faulty Array Antenna

Keywords: Cuckoo Search Algorithm, Chebyshev Array, Null Position, Linear Array, Sidelobes

Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology

Volume 34 ,  Issue 4

Shafqatullah  Khan,Ijaz Mansoor  Qureshi,Bilal  Shoaib


In this article, we introduce a CSA (Cuckoo Search Algorithm) for compensation of faulty array antenna. It is assumed that the faulty elemental location is also known. When the sensor fails, it disturbs the power pattern, owing to which its SLL (Sidelobe Level) raises and nulls are shifted from their required positions. In this approach, the CSA optimizes the weights of the active elements for the reduction of SLL and null position in the desired direction. The meta-heuristic CSA is used for the control of SLL and steering of nulls at their required positions. The CSA is based on the necessitated kids? bloodsucking behavior of cuckoo sort in arrangement with the Levy flight manners. The fitness function is used to reduce the error between the preferred and probable pattern along with null constraints. Imitational consequences for various scenarios are given to exhibit the validity and presentation of the proposed method.