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The Frequency Control in the islanded Micro Grid by using STATCOM Controllers

Keywords: Static Compensator, Battery Equipped Storage System

Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology

Volume 34 ,  Issue 4

Ghulam Mustufa  Bhutto,Muhammad Usman  Keerio,Abdul Khalique  Junejo


When the distribution system is disconnected from the transmission system, the islanded portion of the network comprising DG (Distributed Generation) units forms a MG (Micro Grid). It is essential either to shut down the DG units or ensure the stable and the controlled operation of the islanded MG. The frequency and the voltage of the islanded MG vary when it is isolated from the main transmission grid. The voltage and the frequency of the islanded MG can be controlled to the permissible limits by providing the required amount of the active and reactive power by the local available sources in the MG. The main focus of this paper is about the control of the network frequency in the islanded MG by employing PI controllers based STATCOM (Static Compensator) and BESS-STATCOM (Battery Energy Storage System Equipped) devices. The study is done by using DIgSILENT power factory software version 15.0