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Advancement in Mixing Hydrodynamics using Motionless Mixer

Keywords: Point Source Characteristics, Bubble Size, Reduction in Pressure

Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology

Volume 34 ,  Issue 3



A large number of scientists have been conducting research to improve the hydrodynamic characteristics of mixing of fluids. Out of these techniques, static mixing is adopted in this study to improve the mixing of fluids, which has a lead of negligible energy consumption in comparison with dynamic mixers. Air Water system have been cast-off for mixing in which reduction in pressure, energy consumed, bubble diameter and mass transfer rate was mainly taken into account to design the static mixer element. Five different types of elements (Baffle, Plate, Blade, Needle and Wheel) were tested to observe and compare above mentioned hydrodynamic properties. Two point source characteristics i.e. reduction in pressure and bubble size, were carried out using Hg manometer and still photography respectively. Other nonpoint source characteristics (Energy depletion, rate of mixing) were found to be directly influenced by these point source characteristics. From the experimentations baffle element catches more importance, in terms of less energy depletion, more mixing rate, when compared with the other elements tested. This element becomes also comparable with other elements renowned in literature.