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Strategic Factors Influencing National and Regional Systems of Innovation: A Case of Weaker NSI with Stronger RSI

Keywords: Innovation, National System of Innovation, Regional System of Innovation, Catalonia, Northern Ireland

Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology

Volume 34 ,  Issue 2



The issues of relationship between NSI ((National System of Innovation) and RSI (Regional System of Innovation) are not well reported with innovation policy research. That is, whether the NSI is the system on top of RSI, or the importance of regions make stronger NSIs. Therefore, it raises concern regarding development of strategic relationship between these two. For this, two cases ? Catalonia (Spain) and N Ireland (the UK), have been selected based on theoretical sampling. Key economic indicators have been identified and have been quantitatively analyzed. The evidence suggests that strong NSI has positive influence on RSI. In addition to that, the concentration of knowledge and promotion of institutions may be strategically established and then needed resources may be injected to produce high quality human resources. There is, however, need for more comprehensive studies to be conducted in order to validate the results of this research