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Time domain System Identification of Longitudinal Dynamics of Single Rotor Model Helicopter using SIDPAC

Keywords: Small Model Helicopter, System Identification, X-Plane, SIDPAC, Flight Data

Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology

Volume 34 ,  Issue 1



This paper presents a time-domain approach for identification of longitudinal dynamics of single rotor model helicopter. A frequency sweep excitation input signal is applied for hover flying mode widely used for space state linearized model. A fully automated programmed flight test method provides high quality flight data for system identification using the computer controlled flight simulator X-planeŠ. The flight test data were recorded, analyzed and reduced using the SIDPAC (System Identification Programs for Air Craft) toolbox for MATLAB, resulting in an aerodynamic model of single rotor helicopter. Finally, the identified model of single rotor helicopter is validated on Raptor 30-class model helicopter at hover showing the reliability of proposed approach