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Influence of Amino-Ffunctional Macro and Micro Silicone Softeners on the Properties of Cotton Fabric

Keywords: Amino-Functional Macro and Micro, Silicone Softeners, Stiffness, Abrasion Resistance, Crease Resistance, Tensile Strength, Color Difference

Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology

Volume 34 ,  Issue 1



Amino-functional silicone softeners are most widely used type of soft finishes owing to their outstanding permanent softness, smoothness and handle characteristics. These soft finishes are prepared in different emulsion droplet sizes such as macro and micro emulsions providing varying characteristics on the textile on which they are applied. The macroemulsions due to their larger droplet sizes lubricate fabric and yarn surfaces, while the micro-emulsion, thanks to their smaller sizes penetrate inside fiber pores. In this research amino-functional macro and micro emulsions have been applied on dyed cotton fabric in 1:1 combination and compared against their influence on physical properties such as bending length, abrasion resistance, tensile strength, crease resistance and water repellency. These emulsions have also been compared for their influence on colorimetric properties; color difference and color strength (K/S values). The results reveal that the softener`s application in combination improves the properties deteriorated by each softener when applied separately