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Impact of Human Resource Practices on the Organizational Performance in Nestle Pakistan

Keywords: Human Resource Management, Employee Performance, Organizational Performance, Nestle Pakistan

Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology

Volume 34 ,  Issue 1



This study analyses the contribution effect of HRM (Human Resource Management) practices such as T&D (Training and Development), R&S (Recruitment and Selection), PA (Performance Appraisal System), CPD (Career Planning and Development), CMP (Compensation) and EP (Employee Participation) on the employee performance in Nestle Pakistan. It also elaborates the impact of employee performance on the OP (Organizational Performance). The results conclude the significantly positive relationship of the HRM Practices with the OP with a considerable influence on employee performance as a mediator.300 respondents are selected for the analysis from target population of all the professionals, working on 1st and 2nd level management through random sampling. We proposed that the conceptual results of the study are highly significant for the practitioners and researchers for future research